Pioneering readme was 30 years old to thirty years of age

99 years, the first time in the computer room (at that time did not call the Internet), spend 3 dollars to the Red Alert 98 game at that time, my biggest wish is to have a computer, but when my mother said.

2000, know Internet cafes, access to the QQ and chat room, the deepest impression is to spend 10 dollars overnight packages, and write down the overnight objective on paper: 1, learn QQ chat, chat for a pen pal; 2, apply for a Hotmail mailbox.

today, I am just 30 years old, this is my contact with the Internet for the past fifteenth years, is also the first contact with the site of the tenth year. This is also the Lu Songsong blog was born six and a half years, the best years of life are used to do independent blog.


a lot of time I also reflect on the youth are used here in the end worth it? The work is worth to the company


couldn’t figure it out before, now I understand.

value, this is your life, when I was young, I used the time to pay for the change of time. I am young, no money, no experience, no network, some is a lot of time.

my first month salary of 600, in an informal enterprise to do web production, design is not on. Maybe not even a regular employee, just an intern, because I have not graduated.

at that time also understand, "Oh, the original e-commerce is on the computer sellers."

e-commerce at that time is very professional, anyway, I did not report. But in the three months of practice, I know what is e-commerce. E-commerce professional 4 years, it is better to go to the company for the next 3 months.

we know that newly graduated college students like to fill in a lot of work experience here.

after graduation to go for a job interview, the interviewer read my resume, said: do you have a web page in XX, ah, seems to have some experience, we also need such talents as you interview this position.


is not very willing, but the students have to find a job, and my heart is worried. In addition to renting, eating these daily expenses. Can only be hard to say: I am very willing to. Although the content of the work has nothing to do with the major.

can be seen, the first job is so important, so, I do a do not like their work, but also directly affect the development of my back.

in fact, I graduated from the imagination of the planning gap is too large, it is inevitable that some of the lost heart, but think about it, or to solve the problem of eating, the first to survive in the bar. The teacher taught us the idea is: first employment, career.

look back and think about what I thought was an irresponsible word, 10 years ago