Open flower shop has a future for you a comprehensive analysis

what kind of industry entrepreneurs choose good? This is a problem that many businesses have. Nowadays, more and more people embark on the road of entrepreneurship, business if you do not take the first step, the future development is more sluggish. Open a flower shop is a good choice, dried flowers of different new flowers, never fade, can meet the needs of the decoration of many occasions, people need.

as a modern home interior decoration trend of high-grade and artistic, and offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, the window also needs a lot of flowers to decorate, so business like made of ribbon flowers, silk flowers, artificial flowers, dried flowers and other materials arrangement is particularly welcome. How to open a flower shop, because this flower arrangement will never fade, making it more than the incomparable advantages of flowers, the market prospect is very broad.

how to open a flower shop operation steps:

(1) the address of the florist shop in downtown, near the entertainment street is the best; the second is the university campus, parks, supermarkets and other places, an area of 8~10 square meters can be.

(2) store decoration, elegant warm floral decoration store the most basic requirements, most avoid crowded in the limelight.

(3) to buy flower arranging materials, such as glass flowers, flowers, ribbons, flowers, plastic flowers, etc..

(4) to apply for business licenses and other documents.

investment evaluation: the flower arrangement is an art processing industry, rely on the creative and technical arrangements are, so the investment is not high, in general, to open 8 square meters of shops only 6000 yuan investment. Another 800 yuan per month rent, other costs of $1000, for legal procedures for $300.

revenue accounting: the sale of flower products without light season, as long as the business strategy is right, business is good, the general sales profit margin of more than 40%. A store of 8 square meters or so, under normal circumstances, the monthly profit of more than $5000.

how to open a flower shop management:

(1) to complete a variety of business, Chinese, western, Japanese flower arrangements have to have.

(2) in order to make flower art is strong, but also in order to communicate with the customer, the operator is necessary to the art training class or garden class training.

(3) to reduce costs, operators can collect wild flowers to the suburbs. In addition, the beginning of the operation, it is necessary to open the market in low prices, and so on with a certain basis, you can sell to the unit users, including flower supply business.