The business management process to make the price maintenance work

a store if there is no price tag, more better, know some of the price of the product, but for the stranger, still need the same question, some time in the busy, the owner may have the wrong price, it will naturally affect the operation of shops. In the management of bitterness perhaps only operators know, daily inside to the many display items, shopping guide, sellers, check the production date, daily cleaning, storage and other labor-intensive, and many have different price with the purchase price change at any time, it needs a lot of good memories.

I remember once a milkman gave me put the milk, ready for the check, I checked the ledger at random, I accidentally found a milk prices, the salesman seems to have thought that has risen by more than a month, I was surprised to see him look, he immediately said he thought I didn’t know, tell me. I don’t know how many times I’ve been able to milk this time, no wonder I think this milk is selling very fast recently, but fortunately this milk did not give me much damage, I would not be difficult for him.

price is the market price, the price is fixed by the market, in the face of fierce competition in the market today, if you do not understand the market price trend will undoubtedly bring economic losses to their price low will cause peer dissatisfaction, high would drive away customers, so the price of business management plays a vital in a sense. Sales of goods business, for each item on a good price tag, clear not only to customers, but also can avoid disputes encountered in business.

first, timely maintenance and adjustment of the price tag

usually in the business, the price tag is to do cigarette to maintain and update the customer psychological conquer powerful rhetoric, on the contrary will only bring negative effect, although the explanation is satisfied with the customer’s heart remains a shadow of doubt. Remember it is the price of a cigarette after cigarette from six yuan rose to six yuan five angle, customer manager of the price issue into our store, also help us a cigarette protection box and display it, actually I have been in accordance with the cigarette prices after the sale price of cigarettes, but this time the accident makes me feel embarrassed.

is a client manager called and told me a cigarette price up to seven yuan a box, let me put the original price tag removed first or first with mark pen to write on the notice of price increases, told after he hung up the phone. Because just received notice of price increases, the price tag is not down, I thought: "the new price tag for a few days before the hair down, a cigarette price is wrong, also never mind." When I was busy, I turned around to do something else, and I forgot about it. I did not expect a while, there happened to be a customer named to the smoke, I said: seven yuan a box, the price."

customers unhappy face, said: "how can you collect money? Front >