Chinese fast food brand leader Yonghe King

Chinese fast food brands who pay more attention to consumer health problems? Who pays more attention to the dining experience? It is the brand to do catering is based on the premise of consumer health? That is, Yonghe King Taiwan Chinese fast food brands, not just the soy milk fritters breakfast items, Yonghe King fast food restaurant in any one of the characteristics of the product has won the trust of consumers.

Yonghe King: Chinese fast food leading brand

recently, known as the "Oscar Chinese catering China catering industry ten big brand" annual awards ceremony held in Shanghai Exhibition Center, Yonghe King awarded "ten China fast food brand", "Chinese catering hundred enterprises" title.

Yonghe King, step by step from the soybean milk fritters for today’s Chinese fast food brands. In December 12, 1995, Shanghai City, Changning District Shuicheng Road, Yonghe King first restaurant was born, since then, a tongue on the delicacy throughout the Yonghe King bloom, created a "sell Deep-Fried Dough Sticks annual income of 300 million yuan" the myth of wealth. Yonghe King dedicated quality win, has been imitated, never been beyond. Yonghe King has been starting from the consumer, according to the needs of consumers, a clear positioning Yonghe King as Taiwan style Chinese fast food". To this end, remodeling Yonghe King’s core beliefs and corporate culture, that is, people-oriented, starting from the heart, which requires 5 hearts: peace of mind, intentions, care, caring, happy.

The safety of

food raw materials determines the safety of the dishes on the table, food safety has been a top priority of Yonghe king. In order to select a safe and healthy food raw materials, Yonghe King will each year according to the characteristics of raw materials to carry out a number of raw materials suppliers bidding. The tender supplier shall provide the qualification for ensuring food safety and all kinds of certification materials. Yonghe King Procurement Committee will be based on the quality, price and other factors to confirm the final partner. Yonghe King will test the raw materials used. In order to allow the product to achieve international standards, Yonghe King in the research and development phase to eliminate food safety risks. In 2014, Yonghe King has CNAS certified food research center laboratory, the national accreditation body CNAS is set up by the national certification and Accreditation Administration Committee approved and authorized, in catering enterprises internal laboratory, to receive this recognition is extremely rare.

we believe that in the future development, Yonghe King will be able to keep pace with the times, and constantly show new vitality, become a leading position and the most popular Chinese fast food brands.