How to open a flower shop

a lot of people want to find a comfortable atmosphere and entrepreneurial projects, people think to open a coffee shop, also some people thought of opening a cake shop, but in the current market, and some people found a new business opportunities, and opened a flower shop? How to open a flower shop? This is the problem that people have to face.

Florist location should consider the following points: first, to have two-way traffic; second, surrounded by large buildings to radiation, such as office buildings, shopping malls and other locations; third, residential areas, to ensure the retail purchase; fourth, the flower needs the accumulation of time, stable long-term customers, so the location should be consider store. Realistic location, at least to meet the two points is a good choice.

Florist named named flower, also named style of art or art master’s name, or to the name of the owner himself, the general principle is simple and easy to remember. Store without too much, not too much on the rent, as long as the right to find the facade, low rent can also create a personality and taste of the store. Flower shop decoration should be simple, close to nature, such as the use of brick walls, stone walls, wooden walls, etc.. The floor should be non slip waterproof, easy to clean and store shelves in the optional wood or glass transparent frame. The shop window is a live advertisement, so it needs to be updated frequently, but it doesn’t have to cost too much at a time.

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