Suitable for doing business in the countryside

, who said the farmers cannot venture, farmers can not build up the family fortunes at home, their career achievements? Suitable for doing business in the countryside? Suitable for doing without the business in the countryside? Xiao Bian recommended for you, so that everyone can get rid of poverty and become rich on the road!

now engaged in the third industry and rural migrant labor a lot, but he can’t give up at home in the field, then pay for farming, pest management, the phenomenon of more and more. In a laid-off workers, spotted this opportunity, specially bought several sets of motor-driven mist sprayer, also hired three understand the pest control technique of labor, occur annually in the period of crop diseases and insect pests of large farming and labor migrant households Zhichong Dayao, charge 5 to 8 yuan per mu, a year to income very impressive.

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