Xinjiang second Valley by Dongfeng harvest festival special purchases for the Spring Festival

electricity supplier in China has become a very attractive choice of entrepreneurship, almost zero threshold access system so that e-commerce everywhere in the land of china. In the distant Xinjiang have electricity supplier figure.

wheat seeds, vinegar, cheese, honey, jujube…… A superb collection of beautiful things filled with goods shelf; shelf next, five or six figures are busy packing goods sent; not far away, a green computer desk, "small 2" the click of a mouse, flying like snowflakes orders, they are busy awfully.

"small valley" is the second Xinjiang Valley Agel Ecommerce Ltd, is the electronic commerce industry incubation center eversafe e-commerce Industrial Park, from here the electronic commerce occupation incubation agent, is the "second".

"in 2015, I graduated from Dalian University, he returned to his hometown in Kuitun, joined the" small valley ", become a hit off." Yang Peng said, after a few months of entrepreneurship, I feel that e-commerce is more difficult than imagined. I also clearly recognize that the development of e-commerce in Xinjiang has great potential. Xinjiang has the best products, the mainland for Xinjiang products demand is not small, through the Internet platform, we can make Xinjiang products quickly to enter the mainland market, the mainland to meet customer needs."