Where is the future of commercial real estate in Kunming

due to the downturn in the real estate industry in the past few years, leading to the emergence of a lot of local property market phenomenon. While the property market in Kunming has gradually settled in other places inventory, still face greater pressure on the stock. So, Kunming commercial real estate in the future where?

traditional business district vacancy rate increased, the new commercial district intensified competition, the commercial real estate market suffered before and after attack, ushered in a longer period of time than the residential market, dormant period". From the market survey data, as of May, the Kunming market is only a commercial project in Yinhai is still a royal happiness Plaza, into the city area has shrunk to 50 thousand square meters.

nearly half a year’s time, the Kunming market is only two commercial opening debut, so calculated, the end of last year to May this year, Kunming commercial real estate has more than 4 months of empty window".

Kun commercial inventory pressure over the first tier cities

in fact, the market downturn is not the first time this year, according to last year’s plans to open in Kunming in 2015 56 the number of commercial real estate projects opened, but the lack of actual opening of the 20, only completed the plan 1/3.

"in 2014, Kunming commercial real estate price is still relatively high heat, which also includes several projects Xishan Wanda Plaza, Kunming Plaza, Aegean Sea Tongde currently runs relatively good." Analysis of the industry, the rapid decline in the supply of commercial, but also with the overall trend of the market, is the developer of the contraction in the market situation.

data show that as of the end of 2015, Kunming commercial housing inventory a total area of 26 million 713 thousand and 700 square meters, according to the annual turnover of 10 million 406 thousand and 900 square meters of commercial housing last year to speed the calculation, the inventory cycle is about 31 months. Kunming commercial real estate planning, far exceeding the market demand."

early in the year before, according to the Kunming commercial real estate market supply ratio of more than 5 high value, according to a survey data at institutions, 2014 Kunming’s per capita commercial area close to 3 square meters, the index is even more than first-tier cities in Beijing and Guangzhou.

Kunming commercial projects incremental too much, but also a few years ago in the process of urban transformation, the concept of a large number of complex implant results." An industry insider, especially in the transformation of villages in the project, including commercial, office and residential and other formats, including the complex project has basically become a standard, but also increased the market density of commercial projects.


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