Cold shop can not operate to thrive

weather is a cold day, and now many people are not willing to go out, if the store is cold again, I am afraid it is difficult to attract customers. My shop is located in the south of the township first, is the only way to go to the town of more than 20 counties, is the township station. With the weather and people, and I have no winter seasons throughout the year, there is no bleak winter.

cold weather, snow, warm big stove shop fire was burning on the stove, sitting shout jiangtangshui, every customer into the store and the people, no matter whether you are new or old customers, can make yourself at home yourself down to drink, roast a roast outside in the cold cold body, the chat Laoke v. homely, I shop and mahjong table, erhu, piano, story books, tobacco report, you want to entertain. Near the village of the elderly in order to this atmosphere, specifically to buy some daily necessities, come to my store. Do you pass me and I invite you to shop, more and more people, good enough, strong wealth.

then he said what he needs today, tomorrow and some people say that his neighbor let him take what, I hurried up Vintage Tim new goods, such goods are more and more, more and more novel, thus forming a virtuous circle, a day like a day. Although it is cold, but people are hot, people’s thinking is alive, not afraid of small shops.

I am 26 years of wholesale department, to the countryside to deliver the feelings of the user is the first of the first. The seven or eight is rural marriage season, especially in more rural people is the twelfth lunar month wedding gold, I used to deliver convenience, inquire about the village, who married the girl whose to be married, and personally visited, ask their needs, I recommend the tobacco to them, we recommend the people of Shandong the most favorite festival grand Taishan and the local famous heroes.

then donated their red lanterns, and the implementation of three bags, consignment agent, they can finish the check, Duotuishaobu, users achieve complete satisfaction, because the rural people love to follow suit, one with my store, drive a village with my store, a village and the neighboring village to drive in my shop, people from neighboring villages and bring it near the village, thus forming a virtuous circle, don’t store boiling up!

cold weather, this is a natural phenomenon that bad weather gradually, but if the store can not "dispatch host", take a certain strategy, will only make the store business development is affected by the weather is very large. Therefore, from the customer’s point of view, to provide better quality services, no doubt let the store business has been booming. This is called: cold not cold, warm shop ah!