Entrepreneurial hedgehog breeding prospects

people’s living conditions better, but also love to keep some flowers at home and small animal, in recent years the hedgehog market is very hot, the lovely hedgehog has become everyone’s pet, also let the hedgehog farmers become rich, whether farming hedgehog can bring benefits not, together with the small series the pace go!

[introduction] varieties of hedgehog is a kind of precious medicinal and delicacy and wild economic animal, also known as the thorn hedgehog group, rats, steal melons badger, burr, not only the meat tender and rich nutrition and unique medicinal effect, loved by the people, the hedgehog meat is high protein content the cholesterol for venison dishes, nourishing function, eat can prevent coronary heart disease. With the open coastal and inland regions, city residents living standards improve, more and more demand for venison, and dropped wildlife resources, demand, leading to market supply and demand contradiction, therefore, plays an important role in the development of aquaculture hedgehog rich residents of the "vegetable basket", the hedgehog breeding prospects of artificial feeding.

] [the advantages of variety adaptability: Hedgehog hedgehog mixed static and afraid of light, day V, nocturnal habits. After artificial training hedgehog, gentle temperament, slow action, food intake is very small, just feed once a day. Hedgehog on the environment is not strict, can be raised in the balcony, courtyard, old houses, open space, etc., as long as the hedgehog to build nest, nest shop hay, pine leaves or straw can be.