Xiamen cruise how the fire 200 thousand numbers

Xiamen as a coastal city in our country, many people go sightseeing in life, for the local cruise, of course, is also a lot of people do not want to miss! Yesterday morning, the Bahamas Ji Shi Peng Voyager cruise ship berthing Xiamen international cruise home port, about 452 passengers and 350 crew members onboard to Xiamen tourism. At the same time, the wheel has become this year to meet the first Xiamen cruise homeport cruise ship. The cruise departure from Hongkong, the next station will go to Philippines island.

"Peng Peng Voyager" is the world’s second new cruise liner cruise, the cruise length of 198.2 meters, a width of 30 meters, a height of 42.2 meters, with a total tonnage of 32 thousand and 300 tons. As the top luxury cruise representatives, the world cruise ship’s tonnage is small, but enjoy a high reputation in the high-end crowd abroad.

with the development of cruise tourism in Xiamen port, there will be more cruise companies to enter the Xiamen market. In 2017, Xiamen port has planned berthing Cruise Company Costa Crociere Costa has Vitoria ", American Carnival Cruise group Princess Cruises Sapphire Princess", "spirit Princess", "silver" Yinhai cruise company, Norway’s world’s first cruise ship really for tourists Chinese tailored "Nobel only true joy No.".

data show that in 2016 Xiamen port received a total of 79 international cruise ships, which homeport 65 cruise ships, port 14 cruise ships; cruise passengers to complete 200 thousand and 900 passengers, an increase of 14.27%, a record high. In June 2016 -9 month Xiamen homeport cruise voyage plan on the table, the reporter saw, the 3 months of a total of 17 flights, and the week of July and August at least 2 ship more cruise ship docked in Xiamen port. The cruise dock port in addition to the traditional Keelung, Hualian, Taichung, Penghu, China Jeju, Nagasaki, Taiwan port, Okinawa port of Japan and South Korea, 2016 also appeared in the island of Miyako Island, Kagoshima, Manila, Boracay and other ports.

Xiamen international cruise home port group responsible person, last year opened a new line on The Belt and Road, successy opened Xiamen to Vietnam and Philippines routes, international friendship city features voyage etc.. This year, in addition to the cruise home port of Xiamen in accordance with the idea of developing city fusion, and actively promote the cruise terminal construction projects, will also continue to increase efforts to open up more homeport routes to develop tourist market, more broadly, to provide international standards and standardization, standardization of the cruise service.


cruise activities rich and colorful young tourists are also more and more

for the cruise market in Xiamen, the summer file has been a major cruise company’s time to fight". In 2016 July and August from Xiamen port of departure of the cruise, a week at least two. It is worth mentioning that more and more recommended