Guiyang to become the first choice for innovation and entrepreneurship to become the city’s goal

innovation and entrepreneurship to make together, need the people of one mind, Guiyang’s economic development is good, people’s life is not good? Therefore. Guiyang built the first choice for innovation and entrepreneurship, has become the city’s goal.

    put Guiyang into the first choice of innovation and entrepreneurship, we must strive to create an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship can not be accomplished overnight, a trial on. As a non sensitive first tier cities, as the parties to the population, a variety of resources gathered in the capital city, Guiyang has the unique advantages of trial and error tolerance. We should uphold the public record, and all the congregation raised, Zhongzhi win concept, promote the formation of "encourage innovation, tolerance and error of entrepreneurship and development environment, encourage and attract more investors, creative and business application in Guiyang.

    put Guiyang into the first choice of innovation and entrepreneurship, we must seek a key breakthrough. Recently, Guiyang in Beijing launched the "pain off plan", its purpose is to make the "pain points" more effective and innovative combination of government guidance to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation of the major exploration and breakthrough.

in the future work, we should speed up the construction and innovation of business incubator and the development of the industry chain related, actively cultivate large data innovation investment and financing system, explore the establishment of an efficient collaborative innovation system, innovation pattern of cultivating good combination, cohesion, on the middle and lower reaches of the small and medium-sized enterprises’ collaboration.

to develop big data technology R & D Center Industrial Park, and a passenger space, will continue to introduce innovative elements and resources in Guiyang, the introduction and cultivation of a number of high-end talent, professional and technical talent and innovation team, to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation lead to big data, big data to build the country’s entrepreneurial innovation choice ground.

    to build the first choice for innovation and entrepreneurship in Guiyang, the city must mobilize, universal participation, all benefit. City departments at all levels should be committed to reform and innovation, good ecological environment "providers" efforts to break the constraints of institutional obstacles to innovation driven development, improve policies and laws and regulations, "a real good".