Fuzhou restriction limited credit policy to allow some customers to buy a house plan failed

this year, the degree of popularity of the real estate market is well known, in the face of soaring prices crazy, there have been a lot of investment in the market. But Fuzhou has just introduced the property market "purchase credit limit" (hereinafter referred to as the "double limit") deal, let many buyers be caught off guard. Those who only pay a deposit or down payment, no net signed the double limit customers buy plans. Some projects overnight lost half of the customers, the purchase mood eased.

reporter learned yesterday, the relevant departments of the intermediary has been listed in October 7th before the transaction, allowed to late October 14th 9, the real estate trading center after the entry into force of the manual review. But a real double limit policy effective time is still in the sales contracts signed time, no grace period.

reporter visited many new second-hand housing transactions to "stuck"

Mr. Chen recently just made a real estate Cangshan, deposit and 20% Shoufu are loans, in the National Day period is also approved, the original developers notice he didn’t expect October 7th net signed in October 10th, when Fuzhou purchase credit limit, Mr. Chen non city residence, Shoufu ratio increased to 40% at once.

20% down payment we have been very difficult, and now to pay twice the first payment, it is impossible." Mr. Chen is in a dilemma, want to continue to buy, to pay about 400000 yuan to return a house, also worried that developers do not come down.

reporter learned from a real estate agency company, the current number of agents of its real estate, customers have been down, there are nearly half after the introduction of the policy has lost the purchase qualifications.

second-hand housing market is the same situation. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge told reporters a number of intermediary companies, only during the national day, the industry has estimated that more than 1 thousand single transaction could not complete the network program. Which was included in the double limit range buyers are now worried that the transaction can not be completed.

it is understood that in Fuzhou, second-hand housing transactions network takes two steps, the first intermediary companies to declare nets sign login system (referred to as listing), then the relevant information by the housing registration center after the count by manual review.

currently has a large number of second-hand housing transactions only completed the listing of this step, when the policy comes before the National Day holiday, but also without artificial audit." President of the Fuzhou real estate industry association Leeteuk said, there are a considerable number of transactions, the buyer, seller for Guarantee Corporation and even the intermediary has finished the custody of property certificate, but also did not come out, only the listing has no net signed, now the procedures are stuck in the middle, quite a headache.

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