Claiming to be graduating from college students to steal 50 thousand yuan parents fled

in this is known as the best entrepreneurial era, almost all young people have a passion for entrepreneurship. But you can’t put all your hopes in the business. Like Xiao Li, like stealing money from home to start a business is more desirable in Hubei.

1 1 July, Chongqing Railway Police Department police detachment received alarm assistance, he said his nephew Lee from Hubei Dangyang home and took more than 5 yuan after running away from home, ready to take the train to Guangzhou, their parents worried. Xiao Li may have to pass by Chongqing, ask for help to find.

"now you have to solve the basic necessities of life parents, talk about entrepreneurship." Police criticized Li, let him first employment and then opportunistic entrepreneurship. The police more than 1 hours of patient persuasion, Li agreed to go home with their parents to communicate. The train arrived at Wuchang Railway Station, police contact Mike’s family to take back.

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