Housing prices are rising housing prices in Zhengzhou city status

prices in the daily life of the whole society has been concerned about the need to buy a house, of course, can not miss the understanding of the price, the majority of investment passengers, of course, can not relax for the master of the price! China Index Research Institute in November 30th released data show that 100 cities in 82 cities housing prices fell. In December 12th, Zhengzhou city housing security and the real estate management bureau released data show that in November Zhengzhou city commercial housing sales price of 9760 yuan per square meter per square meter in August is also the urban housing prices rose to 10 thousand yuan, below 10 thousand yuan mark for the first time in 4 months.

the city house prices fell


2016 is about to wrap up, a lot of housing prices after August, rapid sales prices fluctuate in September, has completed the annual sales tasks, even after the completion of the task, has been optimistic increases in sales next year. However, insiders pointed out that after the fiery experience in 2016, the real estate market is about to enter the downturn.

according to the China Index Research Institute on November 30th released data show that in November the country’s 100 cities in the new residential average price of $10589 / square meter, the chain, fell again both year on year. 100 cities in the housing prices fell in the city of 82, the number of cities fell last month increased by 4. The industry believes that now more than 80% cities have been back to the level of a year ago.


Zhengzhou city house prices fell for two consecutive months

in recent months have been concerned about the property market in Zhengzhou people must understand that in the first half of this year, Zhengzhou’s housing prices and the rapid rise in many cities in the country, in August and September or even lead the country. Until October, after the introduction of the property market regulation and control measures have been around Zhengzhou, but also a series of restrictions, including loans, including the purchase of the real estate market regulation and control combination punches.

so far, the real estate market in Zhengzhou has stabilized, since October after the introduction of the property market regulation policy Zhengzhou city house prices fell for two consecutive months.

of the Zhengzhou second-hand housing transactions fold 531 yuan per square metre rise

and new house prices fall is different, the country’s second-hand housing sales index showed a rising trend, according to the cloud room data research center data show. November 70 key cities nationwide second-hand housing prices rose by a total of 49.

Zhengzhou is the same. Although the secondary housing market in Zhengzhou in addition to rising prices in August and September, a part of the secondary housing prices, such as the temporary rise in the case of default. With the implementation of the registration of real estate from the secondary housing transactions in Zhengzhou intestinal obstruction is also recommended