Chile 8 3 earthquake has so far killed 10 people

earthquake as a natural disaster, can be said to have a very powerful destructive characteristic, at the same time, since this year, has been a continuous burst of large and small earthquake disaster, recently, a magnitude 8.3 earthquake occurred in the west of chile.

reported that the earthquake in the evening of 16 local time 8 (Beijing time 17 days early 7) occurred around, the epicenter is located 228 kilometers north of the capital Santiago, the focal depth of about 25 km, is a shallow earthquake.

reported that Chile felt strongly, many buildings were destroyed, Santiago residents described initially only a slight vibration, but after more and more strong, like the ground beating.

is located near the epicenter of the city in Iraq Pell power, killing a 26 year old woman was falling down the wall, 3 men died of heart attack caused by the earthquake. The Chilean government announced the OIA where Pell Joe APA state of emergency in the province, President Bachelet will visit to the quake zone as soon as possible.