A forest Hand Pulled Noodle join details ask

Chinese fast food with China middle class expansion and the rise, according to statistics, the Chinese fast food enterprises per unit area the total annual turnover of up to about fifteen thousand, of which Hand-Pulled Noodle operating income is higher than other fast food products, Hand-Pulled Noodle is a small investment risk, flexible benefits, high rate of return to join the project.

is a forest Hand-Pulled Noodle more in line with people’s eating habits, can choose more kinds of taste, looks more appetite and more reasonable nutrition collocation, more healthy, more profound cultural advantage. A recipe for forest Hand-Pulled Noodle heritage ancestors, sophisticated materials taste and taste, the majority of consumers, the market is hot, Unlimited Business Opportunities.

join Q & A:

1, after the collection fee, but also what costs?

franchise fee includes technical support and the use of the brand, usually the cost of renovation costs, tables and chairs, kitchen utensils, tableware fees, cash register system, etc..

2, how much area at least


franchise area requirement is best in the 150 square to 260 square meters, the minimum population density area can be compressed to more than 100 square meters, it is recommended that the first floor.

3, how to store location


because pasta is a high rhythm of the diet, so the choice of the location of the store to choose high density or large shopping malls, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, bus stations, etc..

4, if you join us, what is the support provided by


for the franchisee, headquarters to provide brand support, material support, advertising support, unified service support, kitchen equipment support, unified chair support and sales software support, technical support and follow-up product development etc..

5, a forest flavor which features a restaurant? Can adapt to the tastes of each join


Flavor type

is a forest food international tastes, including Japanese and Korean noodles, Udon of Italy and homemade tomato noodles, noodles with a bull, Lin Noodles with Soy Bean Paste as an example, the current in the world any country can enjoy a unified forest Noodles with Soy Bean Paste taste.

6, join a forest Hand-Pulled Noodle store specifications should be unified, how to solve the


joined a forest Hand-Pulled Noodle, billboards and the decoration style is unified, there are two kinds of decoration forms: the first is the headquarters.