How small sling Sichuan

China catering market is much, no one can give an exact definition, but just from our life can be seen, you can see countless snack shop anywhere, restaurant. Whether it is a school or commercial street, surrounded by numerous brands of food and beverage stores, food and beverage market is the kind of immeasurable. Everyone has their own choice, some people choose to devote themselves to the cause of science and culture, some people choose to start their own business, and some people choose to be a freelancer. As long as it is not suitable for their own inappropriate, and food entrepreneurs choose the same brand. Choose their own food and beverage brand project is an important step in the road of entrepreneurship.

join Sichuan good? How to join the market prospects for the development of Sichuan? What are the conditions to join the small sling Sichuan Sichuan small sling stores? How to operate? Is the most popular business is to join, walking in the high streets and back lanes regardless of luxury brands, or small restaurants, can be seen to exist, how to run a Sichuan the franchise is on the skill, but the choice of Sichuan stores is to rely on vision. If you want to join the Sichuan, may wish to look at the small sling Sichuan to join


Sichuan cuisine hotel is a long history, local flavor is very strong cuisine. As one of the four major cuisines in China, occupies an important position in the history of cooking, based on its extensive and varied seasonings, diverse dishes, refreshing taste Chunnong both, to use a spicy, flavor for hemp, spicy, sweet, salty, sour and bitter six.

small backpack Sichuan dishes variety, taste changeable, adaptable, inheritance of Sichuan "one dish a hundred dishes taste, taste more delicious and unique style. Cooking process, the use of flavor of primary and secondary, shading, the amount of change can be obtained by the color and flavor of a variety of delicious food with special flavor.

Sichuan cuisine is rich in variety, taste more delicious. Small backpack in the choice of materials, knife, Sichuan dishes collocation, four aspects of cooking techniques, strict operation. Especially in the ‘speculation’ is unique. Many dishes are used "gift" approach, characterized by short, rapid heat, less juice, taste fresh.

what are the conditions to join Sichuan sling? Sichuan join advantage:

small backpack

less investment, quick recovery of funds, the risk is small. Chinese fast food Sichuan investment is a form of small sling strong local flavor, in general, more than 95% business cash recovery rate, in normal operation, usually in the 4 – 10 months to recover the investment.

after nearly 5 years of business history, "small sling chain restaurants" features, catering project highly professional, the industry is difficult to imitate. "Small sling series of Sichuan food items" technical content >