Do business also need to master the psychology shop

when it comes to psychology, a lot of people may feel very profound, in fact, in our daily lives, we need to master some of the psychology, especially the shop to do business. Operating a seemingly simple thing actually really want to shop, the store opened, the author thinks that the success, in addition to have some marketing knowledge, must also understand some common sense psychology, if we can through the science of psychology to understand the mentality of customers, to meet customer needs, to provide satisfactory service to customers. So, our business will be one upmanship. How to understand customer psychology, according to customer psychology to meet customer needs?

first of all, to learn from the customer to analyze customer psychology. As we all know, the general situation is to say that the expression is the first reaction of the psychological characters, people’s emotions will be reflected in the expression. A careless look, a casual smile, it may reflect the immediate customer psychology. Therefore, when there are customers when shopping, we must learn to observe the client’s expression, through the observation of customer expression to analyze customer psychology and mood, and according to the different psychological to implement different services.


should learn to understand the customer psychology from the communication language. Communication is one of the most important ways to understand each other’s psychology, and not only can we understand the psychological needs of customers, but also can grasp the customer’s psychological response. Therefore, as a business, we must learn to communicate with customers through communication to customers to their real needs and then to say, customers want to want to do what the customer wants and solutions to customer demand and lay a good foundation. In communication, we must pay attention to the key words and tone in the language of the customer, so for us to accurately grasp the customer psychology, deeply customer’s heart, provide accurate reference to provide customers with more satisfactory service.

once again, learn to understand the customer’s behavior from the behavior. Generally speaking, we can see the basic quality and basic characteristics of the customer through the customer’s behavior. If the customer behavior civilized and polite, that the customer is a higher quality of the people, there will be some unreasonable behaviors critical to our service, for this kind of customer service, we should pay special attention to etiquette and service details. If some customers more rude behavior, the customer is a person not to stick at trifles in the service, we must pay attention to, take the way to match up for its service.

only know more about the customer, will be better service to customers, and then let their business to a greater degree of development. In short, psychology is a special subject, but the application is very extensive, if we can strengthen the psychological aspects of learning and research, to our business will certainly play an unexpected effect.