Last year Xining city tax break 4 billion yuan mark last year an increase of 767 million

, from the local taxation work conference learned that last year, Xining city tax revenue to achieve sustained and stable growth, the total tax revenue exceeded 4 billion yuan, compared with 2008, an increase of 767 million yuan, grew by leaps and bounds.

2009, cash collection model to speed up the progress of our non, and take the POS machine credit card, real-time payment or batch tax deduction for tax payment, the tax assessment in 724 households, evaluation of tax payment of 146 million yuan; the annual tax of 500 thousand yuan enterprises and annual investment of 10 million yuan or more key project tracking monitoring and analysis of early warning mechanism for the establishment of key tax sources, tax administration has intensified; carry out the tax administration according to law, last year Zhabu total tax revenue 76 million 290 thousand yuan, check 6183 households, Zhabu tax 7 million 290 thousand yuan fine.

this year, will implement the city government rent tax professional management work, strengthen the management of key tax sources, improving tax assessment, strengthen the standardized management of invoices, improve the quality and efficiency of tax collection and management, accelerate the construction of informationization of tax management, improve the technology content of the tax work.