Bring back the dream

Lining, a world famous name, the interpretation of a generation of sports is Chinese whirlwind, outstanding sports elite, but also, leading sports brand force, it is because Lining always heart to heart Chinese, nation, who created a miracle!


in Beijing, Tongzhou District optical mechanical and electrical industrial base Lining operations center, will participate in next year’s product design planning meeting of the Lining, for a big red sportswear to come out of the house of the United States and China. From the July 5th performance briefing in Hongkong, announced that I came back, he began to try to communicate with investors and the media, rather than just before the board and CEO.

to the front from behind, from the macro to the concrete, from idle to busy. After returning, Lining’s schedule changed.

fifty to know your destiny, Lining turns 50 next year. He said that, until after retirement, the company will reach a more ideal state of work. Lining can do anything, but Li Ning Co to focus, to do China, sports, professional sports brand, which is the original intention of the Lining brand. This dream will not change."

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