Ministry of health the successful completion of the group of experts on the assessment of the refor

from February 16th to 24, by the Ministry of health development research center researcher Li Weiping for expert evaluation group headed to visit our city, the city since 2010, the reform of public hospitals to conduct a comprehensive assessment. The assessment work has been attached great importance to the municipal government and the provincial health department leadership of the municipal government, Vice Mayor Wang Xuan promptly convene a meeting of public hospital reform pilot project team leaders, to cooperate with investigation and assessment work carried out detailed arrangements, stressed that: the district and county, each department should work together to have a plate chess "thought, we must thoroughly understand the country, the province on the reform of public hospitals and a series of policy documents. Two to be good at summing up the reform of public hospitals in Xining institutional reform, the province’s public hospital reform support and investment is unprecedented. Through the reform to achieve the benefits of ordinary people, the medical staff were encouraged, the development of health goals. Three to analyze the indicators and data, strengthen the training of investigators to ensure the smooth progress of the assessment. Carry out
by the basic situation of public hospital in our city survey, interview, interview and satisfaction questionnaire survey, evaluation of the expert group that Xining city as a national pilot city, the provincial leadership, the municipal government attaches great importance to combining the situation, formulated a number of reform measures and supporting policy documents, provide policy support for the reform of public hospitals actively promote the pilot work of public hospitals;