CPPCC attended the twelve session of the four meeting of the CPPCC National Committee arrived in

The twelve session of the CPPCC National Committee will be held in Beijing on March 1st, the morning of March 3rd, attended the meeting of the CPPCC National Committee members arrived in Beijing by plane on the morning of.

sunny, warm spring breeze, the capital of Beijing, blue skies, in 13th Five-Year opening, winning a well-off curtain comes from the Chinese Communist Party, economy, education, religion and many other sectors of the 16 province of the CPPCC National Committee, on this occasion full of confidence, full of passion.

with the national "two sessions" into the countdown, the members are one of the tightening of their duties to fulfill the string". "In the coordinate of history, this year’s" NPC and CPPCC "meaning very much, as a member of the CPPCC National Committee, I must carry out a good job as good responsibility, good publicity to Qinghai’s economic and social development achievements, but also some" problems encountered in the development of our province to the "NPC and CPPCC", urged the country to further increase support for the development of Qinghai. This year, I brought two proposals, one is to increase the pastoral areas of the disease prevention and control system construction proposals, the other is to reduce the commercial real estate property tax proposal." CPPCC National Committee member Du Dezhi said.

this year, the focus of Ma Hucheng members are still concerned about the construction of the rule of law issues, he said: "now, we took a big step forward in terms of administrative law, especially to do a lot of very fruitful work in terms of decentralization. Next, how to do a good job of these things, the real implementation of the administration according to law, there are still many work to do. As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, we need more in-depth investigation and research at the grassroots level, the real reflection of public opinion, positive advice and suggestions for the rule of law in Qinghai contribute wisdom and strength."

"in the" 13th Five-Year "in the first year, the actual situation in the face of downtown pressure on the economy gradually increased, the country ‘NPC and CPPCC’ should be said that carrying the national people more hope. As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, I feel very heavy responsibility, wants the state to give Qinghai more support in terms of policy and capital, and promote the steady development of economy and society in Qinghai province for health, air plant "in 13th Five-Year planning to cultivate thick soil." Wang Jian said.

do the masses "spokesmen" good people "mouthpiece", the members have said, held in such an important historical node on the "NPC and CPPCC", carrying the masses of all ethnic groups in Qinghai new hope, new vision, new hope, now face new opportunities and new challenges, every member is more the need to uphold consistent sense of responsibility, as well as down to earth, and overall knowledge, both targeted and operable, both down-to-earth, and practical suggestions to help the construction of the beautiful Qinghai, harmony.