Learning to promote social fine management

on the afternoon of June 27th, the Xining municipal Party committee held an enlarged meeting of the central group, invited Professor Jiang Ping, National School of Administration, Professor of management for the promotion of social fine management seminar.

, Jiang Ping, from the fine management, put forward social fine management points, social meticulous management of the implementation of the three aspects to strengthen and promote social management made a vivid explanation and profound interpretation, for participants to understand and comprehend the meaning of fine management, to better grasp the concepts and methods of intensive management, and combining with the actual situation of Xining, to further promote the innovation of social management, specific guidance, has important significance.

meeting that day, in order to promote the scientific development of the city, the municipal Party committee, the municipal government put forward fine planning, meticulous construction, fine management, meticulous service concept of work. To establish the concept of meticulous work, is the development of the needs of the situation forced, the masses are looking forward to, where the responsibility, and has become the consensus of the city. In recent years, the development of Xining economy and various social undertakings, whether economic development planning, city construction, resource development and comprehensive utilization, all we need through meticulous planning, meticulous construction, meticulous management, meticulous service, to effectively integrate the resources of the city, the city integrated service system, and in accordance with the eighteen big reports of the party put forward the "social construction" to strengthen the people’s livelihood and improve innovation management requirements, through the implementation of city management reform, accelerate the establishment of a long-term mechanism of modern city management, play Xining leading in the realization of "two new" and "three zone" strategy in the leading role, and make a positive contribution in practice to build livable, leisure and life satisfaction of the people of the city, the city of happiness. (author: Xu Shunkai)