2013 Xining the first batch of public rental housing 29 will be open Yaohao

Xining city to solve the housing difficulties of low-income families, new employment and migrant workers and talents of the housing problem in Xining city in 2013, the first public rental housing in September 29th will open Yaohao allocation.

this public rental housing with rent object for the audit in accordance with the conditions of public rental housing security, publicity without objection to participate in the wave number of public rental housing security of a total of 1169 households. The public rental housing supply is located in the North District Ning Zhang Lu Rui Jing River area is located in the east of the blue and Nanchuan District, a total of 500 sets. Among them, the Swiss Riverside District 300 sets, blue area of the 200 units, the rent was $8 per month and $10.5 per month, according to the housing construction area.

the public rental housing to apply for at least 18 years old, have a stable job or ability to pay rent, the average annual family income is lower than the annual average wage of workers in the city of Xining does not rent or buy other affordable housing, and families without housing or per capita housing construction area of less than 18 square meters of employment in the new employment and migrant workers and the government to introduce a special talent in Xining housing staff.

embodies the people-oriented and the principles of fairness and justice, the wave will fully take care of vulnerable groups, the family members, because of severe disability and physical mobility of the lower limb disability or blind persons (the personnel only apply for rental of public rental housing has been registered personnel), if I voluntarily but, with the identity card, certificate of disability (as identified as disabled) priority rocking 1 storey building room no.. Such as the provision of 1 public rental housing is not enough, can take up to the second floor, and so on, until the end of the rent. (author: Niu Yujiao)