Yesterday Huangzhong county public lecture auditorium

May 21st, the public auditorium in Huangzhong County town, China relates to the humanistic spirit of traditional culture, morality, ethnic and religious policies, health care, etc. the formal lecture etiquette.

it is understood that, in order to County Central group theory study, Party cadres training, public education as a whole, the county set up county residents close to the real life, the public lecture is ideological, intellectual and popular content, by invitation in the province has a high influence, profound knowledge, good professional quality and excellent speech eloquence experts, scholars and public spirited activities, are rich and colorful, in order to enhance the humanistic quality of county residents, rich people’s lives, improve residents’ Ideological and moral standards and scientific and cultural qualities in the whole county, and gradually form a good social atmosphere of public participation, learning, so that the public lecture really become the county residents Cultural Palace and strive to make it become the ideological and cultural construction of Huangzhong County brand, into a large public oriented public Sexual cultural activities. Huangzhong public auditorium will be held once a month, the theme of the seminar, for how to relieve the pressure of life and health, occupation, cultural heritage and development of the classic reading, "Lao Tzu", ancient culture of Qinghai, the county also requires a combination of the Township Hall to carry out moral practice, moral model and the good side, a good husband and wife, good mother good boy, selection and other activities, and strive to create a strong atmosphere of moral culture. Washington (reporter Ge Wenrong)