Xining to further promote the moral practice of minors

to guide the minors "yearned for the party, love labour, polite, Xining city from the grasp of the regular activities and focus of a series of theme activities, educate and guide the minors to inherit the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, to become a moral person.

Xining city actively guide to carry out "with courtesy" activities, play a leading role in the school, the fundamental role of the family and social platforms, "Lei Feng with courtesy" as a specific action, starting from daily living, strengthen juvenile life skills, work skills training, enabling them to develop the habit of loving labor; starting from the way of getting along with people the education of minors, awareness of etiquette, courtesy culture concept; organize "recognized star competition and virtue youth contest. From the aspects of daily life, etiquette, speech and deportment, from your parents, respect teachers, unite friendly, loving labor, thrift in five aspects such as setting the standard selection by virtue of youth, guide minors clear code of conduct and participate in moral practice, cultivating good habits, create a good atmosphere for learning model, model in the majority of minors; vigorously promoted Rihangyishan moral practice. The city’s primary and secondary schools in Rihangyishan, April integrated learning "as the theme to carry out moral practice, and guide students establish good thoughts, with kindness, good practice, and gradually realize the" one "to" be good ", finally realize the" good life "; and steadily push forward the Chinese Classics reading activities. Through the organization of juvenile class team will use and interest groups to carry out a wide range of forms, the Chinese classics reading activities, reading and art appreciation, focus on the classic writing skills training, to carry out a vivid and various theme activities, competitions, exhibitions, and guide young people to inherit and develop the traditional Chinese culture, consciously establish good moral character of hard work, self-reliance thrift, to foster patriotism as the core of the national spirit, cultivate moral character, good habits.

Xining city has also launched a series of activities to carry out centralized, "to be a moral person" online message signatures in the city within the 61 period to learn Lei Feng, do the virtues of youth "as the theme of organizing minors landing China civilization network, message signature program, carry out online signature message, express the experience of learning from Lei Feng the spirit of the experience, and guide them to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, striving to learn the virtues of youth, civilized citizen, the pursuit of love, set up to the Party of labor, polite value; encourage" innocence to the party "pass sing nursery rhyme activities. From June to August, to organize the minors widely sung the praises of the party, the socialist motherland, praised the outstanding songs praising China characteristics as the carrier, the use of the singing form, guide the majority of minors and actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, cultivating yearned for the party, with the party’s emotional belief, establish the ambition of building a well-off the society and the rejuvenation of the nation "China dream and struggle. Xining city will carry out to salute the flag, to do a moral person "online message signatures in the eleven period. , the "Chinese dream" publicity and education, the majority of minors to register the relevant;