Xining to increase the intensity of the new rural cooperative medical expenses audit four categories

August 27th, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau will further increase the Xining medical medical expenses audit efforts to make specific provisions on the responsible party, migrant workers and foreign medical information is not complete, which belongs to the medical liability and medical institutions violation of medical expenses incurred shall not be reimbursed. Because of the loss of funds caused by the new rural cooperative medical institutions, the accountability system.

it is understood that the Xining city will strengthen the audit reimbursement management factors of non disease diagnosis and treatment of patients with trauma, perform investigation and verification visits, respectively by the agencies, designated medical institutions, the village committee is responsible for investigation and verification, medical expenses not reimbursed; foreign workers and other staff from the field hospital medical expense examination, to strictly review the authenticity of the information provided, take a variety of ways of investigation and verification, the information is not complete shall not be reimbursed for medical expenses; medical accident, medical dispute, suspend review claims in the case that the responsibility, responsibility, and expense reimbursement. Is medical liability medical expenses shall be borne by the medical institutions, not in NCMS reimbursement of designated medical institutions; in violation of the provisions of the new rural cooperative medical, not produced by the referral examination and approval of medical expenses, shall be borne by the designated medical institutions shall not be reimbursed.

Xining Municipal Health Bureau requires all agencies to strictly implement the standard and the reporting process, beyond the scope of the standard part of the treatment at their own expense. Medical institutions and medical personnel strictly inform system, any units and individuals shall not be any reason to report less or more, shall not in any form of taking the new rural cooperative funds, the audit does not comply with the provisions of the medical expenses to be deducted. At the same time, can not delay the audit time, to ensure timely settlement and payment of medical expenses.