Green Fair will build the best platform for enterprises

has successfully held the thirteen session of the Green Fair, set up a Qinghai and other provinces and cities and even countries around the world to strengthen cooperation and common development of the "Rainbow Bridge"; opened a window of Qinghai open". Through the window, the people of Qinghai feel personally on the scene the rapid development of the world beats, the self pressure accelerated the pace of development, the people living here have become more confident; through the window, more start to pay attention to the footsteps of Qinghai, capturing this piece of beautiful rich provinces development opportunities, sharing and integration of history the out of the ordinary human environment in Qinghai…… Through the Green Fair in this stage, the biggest beneficiaries should be said that our enterprises, with the help of this platform, they gathered in Qinghai to seek attention, and domestic and international investment, trade, tourism, share Green Fair surprise.

Rui silver financing

set up a bridge between government and enterprise

Qinghai Rui silver financing Company limited by guarantee was founded in April 7, 2006, is one of the Guarantee Corporation engaged in security industry in our province the earliest and most successful development set up time. Companies with efficient, innovative business philosophy, product, personalized, value-added security services for all of Qinghai Province, small and micro enterprises and individuals to solve the financing problem. At the end of 2012, the company has accumulated loan guarantee business amounted to 2 billion yuan, Xining city and the surrounding areas, a total of more than 1 thousand and 300 small and micro enterprises and individuals to provide loan guarantee services, to become a senior financial services Guarantee Corporation of Qinghai province brand reputation, risk control ability, innovation ability of outstanding professional guarantee business.

company to do knowledge view as collateral, to study a series of problems of market positioning, business management, product innovation, risk control, internal management, and form their own system, the establishment of the guarantee system to provide advice, fully reflects the breadth and depth of the company. The company seeks to open up the corporate culture, the establishment of elite team, the pursuit of quality, become a social brand enterprises, assume more social responsibility.

‘s goal is to become the medium and small and micro enterprises and individual business integrated financial services, government, banks and enterprises as a bridge of communication, the formation of customers, banks, companies win-win situation, and strive to become the booster of economic development of the province.

Huachiang source

to create a new model of circular economy of chromium industry

Qinghai international Huachiang Source Industrial Co. Ltd was founded in October 1959, mainly engaged in all kinds of boric acid, borax, chromium alloy smelting, gas power production, vehicle maintenance services and mineral products, refined oil trading business. Its emerging Jihua Group Co., Ltd. as the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the central (state-owned) enterprises, is a collection of asset management, capital operation and production and operation of large state-owned companies. Group in 2010, the central enterprises camp operating income and profit ranking top 50, is the world’s top 500 enterprises.

according to the western development strategy,;