90 after the guy selling frozen cake to resign Entrepreneurship


entrepreneurs have their own entrepreneurial story today is about a Sichuan 90 boy’s experience, he decided to resign in pioneering work soon, opened a frozen cake Danleng snack bar, now on the turnover of 1000 yuan, a good income.

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intends to resign entrepreneurship initiation guy

2010, Zhou Jiajun has just entered the University, the choice of financial insurance professionals. His idea was: financial professionals to help their future venture. Zhou Jiajun’s family is not wealthy, his father in the factory to work, the mother in the countryside to plant fruit trees, so during the University of Zhou Jiajun desperately to make money, do a variety of part-time.


for delicacyThe introduction of

hometown specialty frozen cake

in the city shuttle, or in a hurry, leisurely worth mentioning, Zhou Jiajun has been deeply in love with here, especially the small Hot pot, spicy entrance. He found his hometown is no small authentic Hot pot Danleng like this, so he had the idea back to Suining Hot pot danleng. The sophomore during the summer vacation, he returned to find a small Hot pot Danleng market has been first introduced.

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