This year the total number of tourists in Xining earn pots filled with a total of 3 million people

Learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau

day before, since entering the tourist season this year, the development of tourism in our city is unusually hot – there was a room hard to find, hard to get a vote, a car is hard to find the situation, as of now, the city’s total number of tourists has exceeded 3 million people, compared with the same period last year increased by 42%, tourism revenue reached nearly 2 billion yuan.

according to the Municipal Tourism Bureau Zhao Ningjun introduction, the first half of this year, the city’s third industrial growth rate is 17%, from the first half of the statistics, the third industry has exceeded the speed of the development of other industries, which is the economic benefits of tourism. Xining city tourism development situation that can appear today, thanks to the provincial government and the municipal government of Qinghai beauty publicity efforts to increase year after year, from last year after the great beauty of Qinghai in Hongkong this year, the Provincial Tourism Bureau took out 10 million yuan in advertising CCTV bigger Qinghai; at the same time, the government took a year large sums of money to hold some major events, such as: Lake Race, rock climbing competition, the Yellow River crossing race and a series of events, the tourism industry in our city is rising, more and more tourists to Xining.

aiming at the reception and soft environment of Xining tourism industry problems, Zhao Ningjun said, we will focus on increasing the tourism infrastructure construction, the development of scenic spots resources, extend the industrial chain, increase efforts to guide training and other aspects, further called "Chinese ring xiadou" tourism brand, to attract more tourists to Xining tourism, promote the sustainable development of tourism in Xining.