Clear water shore green smooth beautiful 38 km Nanchuan river will be completely different

this year, a total length of 38.2 km of Nanchuan river is expected to be fully restored water, shore green, smooth appearance and beautiful scene! From the Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management committee (hereinafter referred to as "Huang) was informed that the Henan Nanchuan comprehensive control project plan will be completed this year, when the Nanchuan River from the source to the Huangshui River Estuary have been comprehensive management across the board. Xining municipal government for the general public to hold out a flood control standard, along with the sewage collection, Nanchuan river.

the water into the significant effect of city "project was first reflected in the Nanchuan river. Nanchuan river is the mother river of Xining, a tributary of the Huangshui River, originated from Huangzhong County Lajishan mountain river, 38.2 km long, the average river width of 30 meters, the basin area of 398 square kilometers. The world bank loan, Xining municipal government has been on the Nanchuan River Bridge to Xie Zhai liberation aqueduct section 10 km river governance implementation of the project fully completed in 2011. In order to further improve the Nanchuan river regulation, the municipal government decided to further expand the scope of governance, the comprehensive management of Nanchuan River South extension range. Henan Nanchuan comprehensive management project started in March 2013, led by Huang Management Committee, the implementation of the comprehensive management to thank Zhai plot from Nanchuan reservoir diversion, the old Fort bridge to Xie Zhai bridge 7.9 km for the comprehensive management, the main content of the construction of flood control embankment, sewage interception dry pipe, riparian landscape greening; above old fort the bridge section for ecological restoration period. The project has been completed and Fort bridge to Xie Zhai bridge 7.9 km river flood control engineering subject. Xining plans to accelerate the pace of this year, the full completion of Nanchuan River flood control engineering, Henan section of the main sewage pipe works and landscaping works. Through the project construction, will form a perfect flood control system in Nanchuan River remediation, Nanchuan river ecological corridor, reduce pollutants and sediment concentration upstream of the river in the water, creating a comprehensive Nanchuan River riparian landscape belt.