Foreign tourists to stay on average 3 1 days old people like Xining plateau health care

2012, the average number of days of domestic tourists in Xining stay 3.1 days, slightly higher than last year. Among them, more than 65 years old tourists stay in Xining the longest number of days, health care has become the main reason for the elderly tourists stay in Xining.

according to the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau statistics, this year the number of tourists traveling in Xining 3 days accounted for less than 87.83%, accounting for 3 to 6 days, accounting for 6 to 11 days accounted for more than 1.93%, more than 11 days accounted for more than last year, an increase of 0.11%. From the age of tourists, the number of visitors over the age of 65 to stay the longest, the average number of days to stay for 4.46 days, followed by the age of 45 to 64 years old, the average number of days to stay for 3.15 days. This level of tourists to Xining to basic health recuperation, many tourists said, Qinghai, hot springs, Tibetan Plateau herbs resources such as their main purpose is to Xining tourism, consumption. (author: Ma Rong)