Xining intends to invest 1 billion 500 million to improve the water environment

reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, by the end of 2015, Xining will invest 1 billion 530 million yuan for the construction of urban drainage pipe network, recycled water, riparian environmental remediation and other related projects. After the completion of the project, the water environment in Xining and its surrounding areas will be fundamentally improved.

According to

, vice mayor of Xining Xu Guocheng introduction, beginning in 2009, the implementation of the flood control and water management by the world bank loan project in Xining City, the city flood control system was basically completed, the main city sewage interception pipeline laying completed basic. But not part of the regional water quality standard completely, especially for the Huangshui River Xining section water problems, seasonal soil erosion, river assimilative capacity decline and other issues.

July 2012, Xining environmental comprehensive treatment projects included in the world bank 2013 to fiscal year 2015 loan plan. The project is mainly composed of four major flood control projects, including the construction of urban sewage collection pipe network, the reuse of reclaimed water, the comprehensive management of river bank environment and the comprehensive management of mountain torrents. 1 billion 530 million yuan project funds, there are 930 million yuan from the world bank loan. By 2015, Xining will add 114.7 kilometers of sewage collection pipeline, a new sewage treatment plant 3, recycled water utilization rate will reach more than 30%. (author: Pang Shuwei)