Xining industrial and commercial diagnosis and treatment of community stores allow residents to rest

"Excuse me, your business procedures?" in Xining City, 71 Road, a district, law enforcement officers asked the owner, the other is low head, silent. The owner of a store in the District, the store has no production date and shelf life of some of the food. Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers immediately instructed the owner to stop business, to be sealed on the problem of food. The presence of the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry Branch of the city, a person in charge told reporters: check the community stores, is to allow residents to rest assured consumption."

is reported that the first two days, the city branch to community stores for the inspection focus, check whether the license is complete, check whether the source of goods is clear, three check whether the food expired and deteriorated. In the inspection, the purchase of bills and goods can not be submitted to the inspection report of the 5 operators, instructed the deadline for rectification, the source of the 24 kinds of food to be sealed, and investigated and dealt with the operation of the 4 undocumented stores. (author: Zhang Pu)