The first women’s entrepreneurship training classes in Huangyuan

recently, women in our province the first phase of SYB (Entrepreneurship) training courses in the Tibetan village of Huangyuan county and township Kesuer and marks the province women’s entrepreneurship training kicked off.

it is understood that the employment of women entrepreneurship training program, Xining Municipal Bureau of human resources and social development to carry out a charity project, by the provincial cadres of the specific implementation of the school. Huangyuan County, RI Yue Xiang Ke su er Cun is the provincial women’s Federation selected women characteristics demonstration village. The training class, so that the training of women in the professional skills of the same time, to the entrepreneurial type, the development of operating women. Training and the implementation of women’s micro credit policy, the majority of training women are small loan applicants, after training can be used for small business loans, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of training.

it is reported that this year, the provincial women’s cadres in the four districts of Xining County, a total of the establishment of the 9 phase of the women’s entrepreneurship training courses in, a total of 225 women entrepreneurs training. (author: Wang Chunyan)