Xining west district for people to seek more well being

optimize the urban environment, the implementation of livelihood projects, maintaining social harmony and stability, and create a good environment for development and living, Xining City West District, the district government in 2013 for the people to seek the goal of well-being.

do a good job to improve the quality of the environment, promote livable city construction. The introduction of the concept of urban greenway construction, creating riparian landscape. To strengthen the management and governance of Nanchuan River, Huangshui River pollution source, to build the city in the water, the water in the ecological landscape city "; the implementation of Street Lane Huangli shore Lane 20, microwave alleyways, and promote the area of key buildings and along the the Yellow River road landscape construction; guardrail installation on the 54 street, Haiyan Road 71, road extension and other main roads, realize the market, Jia Xiao Zhuang Xing Hai Lu Road market delisting.

ensure the improvement of people’s livelihood and social development. Start the relocation project of Xichuan Road Primary School, the construction of a new public kindergarten construction; to promote employment, the construction of the hotel service training base, guide the rural surplus labor organization of the nearest local transfer, the establishment of the social security system of landless peasants in accordance with the actual implementation of West; health hut and health information construction projects; strengthen grass-roots cultural construction, the New District mass cultural activities center of mass sports and public fitness facilities 6.

deepen the wisdom of the city and digital West building. Perfect District, township, three community social service management information platform, the formation of the digital platform and grid patrol linkage mechanism to solve the problem quickly; built Xing Hai Lu streets and the tiger Taiwan New West community affairs center. The full implementation of the comprehensive community affairs center "t" service, carry out community service demonstration activities; the Civil Affairs Department of Commerce, health, integration of resources, and actively create 15 minutes convenient service circle; the implementation of the "comprehensive transformation of three" hospital building facilities, to achieve "low standard and low fees, appropriate compensation" property management full coverage. (author: Su Jianping Xi Tao)