Canteen heat swept fast food industry really want to do so

now, often can see the streets of various "canteen", which is the common fast food shops, is just another model. The shops are renovated and retro, giving people a new experience. "Canteen fever" swept from the fast food industry really want to develop?

"the traditional fast food industry is in decline, we do not transition to die." The liberation of South Road Jiaojiang an unnamed fast-food shop owner said, labor, rent, the price of raw materials is more and more high, profits increasingly thin, traffic is less and less, these problems are like the tiger on chingyang ridge, blocking the road, the traditional fast food shops to survive today, he is considering going to Ningbo, Jinhua to learn, to this is "out of favor" fast food shop into a big mess.

"this is the moment is the golden age of small catering development, also the most competitive era." Taizhou catering industry association secretary general Liu Xiaomin said. In his view, the concept of the modern consumer driven, the fast food industry onto the fast lane, but the operating cost management talent gap, grow with each passing day, the high-end catering fast shock especially, industry competition intensified, the industry also entered the reshuffle.

he explained that the current Taizhou food industry including fast food industry, generally small and scattered, scattered and chaotic situation, how from "extensive" to "fine" transformation, this is a long period of time must solve the problem, the "small and fine is definitely the future direction of development of the fast food industry."

"now like a gust of wind, a ‘canteen hot’ performance is the refinement of the fast food industry." He said, however, now on the market of the dining room hotel and restaurant development is uneven, some did not feature is transformed into a big mess, in fact, just follow the trend, a superficial reform, nature management is not very good.

In fact, whether businesses are


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