How much money a vegetarian Buffet

can come up with their own characteristics of food catering project market viability are relatively long, because targeted food franchises, good market positioning, and market demand is relatively fixed, the restaurant operator can well adjust their food needs.

subway is a professional operation of vegetarian food and beverage brands, belonging to the Ji’nan chuangbang Catering Management Co. Ltd., pure green food since its inception has been committed to providing customers with the safety, health, nutrition, nutrition and health, consumers of all ages, is a good investment choice with yo! Interested in joining in subway pro, operation management, but also be able to obtain uniform standards now join headquarters to provide technical training, service specification, store design, advertising planning, marketing, product formula support yo! Hurry up!

vegetarian buffet buffet fee

prime investment quota

Su taste join fee: investment grade standard store flagship store

investment costs 71800 yuan, 150000 yuan

area of 200 square meters within 200 meters above requirements

management fee 3000 yuan / year $6000 / year

brand margin 6000 yuan 10000 yuan

store image margin 1000 yuan 4000 yuan

investment costs include: technology transfer fees, training fees, operating guidance fees, supplies raw materials, advertising, with shop guidance, after-sales service

agent agent agent: agent scope county agency agent

exclusive agency fee 200 thousand yuan 220 thousand yuan 220 thousand yuan

management fee 6000 yuan / year $6000 / year 6000 yuan / year

brand margin 10000 yuan 10000 yuan 10000 yuan

store image margin 4000 yuan 4000 yuan 4000 yuan

Su taste join conditions:

1, the cooperation project is independent, the transportation is convenient, the matching is good, is located in the local pedestrian street, the office area is good;

2, Co