College students should pay attention to what

to provide loans for college students to start their own business is a national policy to help college students, but students in the process of entrepreneurship should pay attention to what?

1, more simplified procedures. Where college graduates (within two years after graduation, the same below) apply to engage in self-employed or bid for the private sector, can be registered by the industrial and commercial departments at all levels of the green channel priority registration. In addition to its business scope prohibited by the state industry and commodity, will unlock approved business. On the restrictive and special projects, allowing the edge for edge required special approval procedures. To apply for the establishment of private enterprises in science and Technology Park, high-tech park, economic and Technological Development Zone Economic Zone, teshiteban, in addition to need to pre-approval of the project, implementation "pledge registration system". The applicant to submit an application for registration, registration verification report and other main materials, can be issued a business license, so that in the 3 months to complete the relevant materials according to the provisions. Where the application for the establishment of a limited liability company, with college graduates human capital, intellectual and industrial property rights, non patented technology and other intangible assets as investment, registered capital of 40% allowed offset.

2, various types of cost reduction. In addition to national restrictions on the industry, the business sector since the approval of its business within 1 years from the registration of individual industrial and commercial households fees (including registration, change of registration, fill in charge), individual industrial and commercial households management fees and certificate fees. To take a private association, from the 1 year membership fee. The college graduates bid for high-tech enterprises (including limited liability company), the minimum limit of the registered capital of 100 thousand yuan, such as financial difficulties, allowing its staging position; name of application can be "high tech", "new technology", "high-tech" as the industry approved. College graduates engaged in community service activities, the Committee submitted to the administrative department for Industry and Commerce for the record, 1 years shall be exempt from business registration, free of the business and management fees.

reminder: according to individual province Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff, the relevant policies have been implemented, college graduates in the relevant formalities of self-employed, in addition to bring all the required materials, put forward the relevant application, but also to bring the university graduates employment recommendation, graduation certificate and other relevant information.

1, preferential loan support and appropriate credit loans. Increase the support of college graduates to start their own business loans, for the provision of effective assets (quality) pledge or guarantee high-quality customers, financial institutions give priority to credit support.

entrepreneurship of college graduates by college graduates for loans, the borrower, guarantor can provide joint guarantee from the corresponding steady income of their family or relatives of family members or effective assets. For a good credit, repayment guaranteed, based on the risk control of the appropriate payment of credit loans.

2, simplify loan procedures. By simplifying the loan procedures, reasonably accurate