Cigarette business which has a small coup

any business, even if the environment is so bad, but can have some small coup can be grasped. In recent years, the convenience store more and more, which choose to engage in business including cigarettes, as a customer manager to visit the area of several high level business retail customers, summed up the five cigarette business small coup, hoping to provide a reference for more retail customers and friends.

tips: good display, brand complete

cigarette display should be orderly and reasonable. A cigarette can follow the line, "" shape display display, beautiful appearance; single cigarette cigarette can be based on the grade, price and other partitions placed, convenient for consumers to choose alternative brand cigarette; tight and display methods should focus on nurturing the brand focused brand, attract the attention of consumers; higher profits the new cigarette can take the central display method, in order to stimulate consumer desire to buy. These displays not only clean and beautiful, but also to a large extent improve sales efficiency and accuracy, bring more profits.

Two tricks:


to improve the credibility of genuine goods at a fair price

insisted from the tobacco companies purchase, to ensure genuine goods at a fair price. The use of uniform neat, clear price tag, consumers will be assured to buy. Consider from the consumer’s point of view, if the retail customers can do genuine goods at a fair price, can minimize the price of fraud, protect the interests of consumers, and improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.

three tricks: smiling hospitality, promote feelings of

when the consumer shopping in the store, leaving the most impressive, not only the degree of preference for tobacco products, more operators with affinity smile service. Smile, will give consumers a good first impression, quality service should start with a smile. A smile, a greeting, is a good way to maintain my relationship.

four tricks: Welcome tasting, gifts

for the new cigarette brand and cultivate the brand, retail customers can timely please consumers tasting, can not only increase the emotion, will make the brand promotion acceptable. With lighters and other small gifts, can increase consumer satisfaction, make it become a member of the team back off.

five tricks: pay attention to health, retain customers

no matter whether the business is busy or not, can not ignore the store’s environmental health. Clean and tidy store environment and orderly display of goods, are to attract consumers to come again. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the store in a timely manner to provide customers with clean, comfortable shopping environment.