Retailers need generosity

may be the reason for personality, different retailers, customers will have a very different attitude. I go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables every morning. There is a vegetable market selling eggplant sister, is a very warm woman in Sichuan. Every time I stopped the car to her, in other stalls to buy the vegetables, and finally bought some eggplant in her. She always called me "sister, sister", our relationship has been good.

for a long time, she did not stand out, listen to people say that her daughter gave birth to children, she went home to take care of the mother daughter. So, I started to sell cars and buy vegetables in the stalls selling eggplant.

later, she Chutan. But people have a habit of getting used to things that feel after the legs, and do not want to change the second. So I still used to go to the booth after her car, shopping. However, after she was there, then I think I didn’t buy her dish a little sorry, just want to say hello to her.

but every time she saw me, she didn’t turn her head to one side, or she could hardly see her face with her face. Sometimes, I also want to buy some vegetables from her, can see her facial expression again a little bit angry: what to give me facial expression? Who I buy is my freedom! Thought of here, I simply do not buy her. Later after her there, I have a go with head high and chest out, sorry.

think of this, we retail households in the daily operation is not the case? See the customer from home to buy things we don’t through the door, face will appear in Sichuan sister? The heart is also complaining about how customers do not buy things from me? If so, it would be a mistake, it will always keep the customer in our shop door.

really do business, even if the heart is not comfortable, it will not be obvious to the customer performance, which is not generous performance. Therefore, regardless of whether the customer is in other countries to buy things, as long as we go through the shop door, we should return a sincere smile, a cordial greeting. Perhaps because of this smile, this sentence, the customer will feel that we are a generous person, then we may always take care of the business.