When the owner of the proposal can not hurt the self esteem of consumers

as a shopkeeper, often very familiar with the goods, when customers do not have the idea of customers can be recommended. However, it is this proposal, the owner recommended when you also need to master some skills, can not hurt the self-esteem of consumers, thereby affecting the development of business.

retail business in the process of communication with consumers, when making reasonable suggestions, to try to take into account the feelings of each other. Don’t even argue strongly refuted the view of consumers, it will not only hurt each other’s self-esteem, more likely to lose business opportunities.

merchant Lao Yang is cheerful, frankness, upright character tends to make the first time into the store shopping consumers feel uncomfortable, especially when cigarette consumers preferred temporarily out of stock and the consumer does not accept his suggestion, the old Yang is very impatient: "white (fine two generation)" out of stock, to the package is 10 yuan "the Dragon (treasures)", which have 10 dollars to buy cigarettes so picky, don’t forget."


such as the old Yang’s retail business, there must be a lot of. They even temper straight, outspoken outspoken, such a character is a good thing for some time, but in the recommendations to the customers have the extra control. Familiar with the old Yang impatient customers in general, he recommended brand or recommended to buy other brands, can be understood to accept, because you know the old Yang people really do business clearly in his old, here to buy cigarettes at ease. But for some new customers, old Yang "outspoken" may be a knife, will hurt the customer’s self-esteem, customers will think the old Yang don’t respect yourself.

this is a process of buying things, but if consumers feel self-esteem hurt, even if this time the formation of the transaction, I am afraid it will have an impact on future transactions. So, when the shop owner to provide advice to consumers, we must pay attention not to hurt the self-esteem of consumers.