What are the western breakfast

breakfast is the most important meal in three meals, people who do not eat breakfast is better than normal people who eat breakfast. The trend of internationalization of the various cultural exchanges between frequently, therefore in the form is mainly divided China breakfast breakfast and Chinese breakfast, breakfast is everyone knows, but for all the western style breakfast is not very understanding, here I will briefly introduce what are the varieties of western style breakfast.

western breakfast dishes relatively fixed, mainly continental and American style (also known as the British); two, but basically inseparable from the following varieties:

1): fruit juice and juice for breakfast is generally Orange Juice (Orange Juice), pineapple juice (PineappleJuice), Tomato Juice (Tamato Juice), grapefruit (Grapefruit -Juice), Grape Juice (Grape Juice) and Apple Juice (Apple Juice);

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A. seasonal fruit and fruit salad is a popular breakfast food. Just for breakfast fruit salad tastes less light juice (Dressing) use canned fruit made of


B. (Stewed Fruit) stewed fruit is a popular breakfast food, usually with the use of prunes pear (Prunes) (Pears) (Peach), peach, litchi, loquat (Lychee) (Loquats), fig (Fig), orange (Orange), apricot (Aprica));

2) dry foods (Cereal): the popularity of cereals are mainly corn flakes, crispy rice (Corn Flakes) (Rice Crispes), malv (All- Bran), the max volume (Shredded Wheat), Switzerland (Birchermusli), waste edible sugar or cold milk, and sometimes honey and syrup (Syrup), in addition to hot cereal, such as oatmeal (Oatmeal), edible sugar and Hot Milk, in addition to cereal (Oat porridge); in the valley of edible wheat foods, some guests habits with yogurt and cheese (Yogurt) (Cheese).

3): egg dishes, egg dishes, food is mainly American breakfast, egg dishes, many methods of production, with mostly Bacon (Bacon), (Ham), ham sausage (Sausages) etc..

A. Fried Eggs (Fr>