Silly small meat stew delicacy Heritage Classic jar

has a lot of traditional methods in meat Chinese jar, stew meat is one of them. In ancient times, the majority of people to hunt for a living, the meat is sealed altar, in order to better storage, but also to maintain the original flavor of food. Time for a long time and the meat and delicious rotten, suitable for the elderly and children to eat.

has two pot stew meat, followed the ancient Chinese cooking method, taste constantly improve and perfect, with pork as the main ingredients, rich in raw materials, shape plump, fat but not greasy, reddish brown in color, not only keep the original taste and the meat stew is cooked very thoroughly, rotten meat taste strong. Eat very quickly, brought the most pure taste for the majority of customers.

the choice of ingredients, has two jar stew meat, strict quality control, using the method of ancient simmer to simmer stew for 2 hours, then 3 hours away from the fire, fat but not greasy, taste mellow, fat content is relatively low, good to solve the broad masses of customers to not be afraid of fat eat the problem here, can safely eat, do not have to worry about the problem of obesity.

has two jars of meat, stew meat, a jar jar, Chongqing small noodles meat rolls, Lo snack four series, after years of development the ultimate combination, easy collocation, dozens of packages, corn porridge, pickled cabbage free, Steamed Rice add free, filling, early in the evening, three meals a day are very Qi and taste, suitable for all kinds of people’s tastes.