Venture financing channels

wants to invest but not enough funds to raise money, business is all entrepreneurs have fled past a hurdle, what we can do is to raise money, the following Xiaobian to help you find some of the information, to finance friends to see it!

money entrepreneurship — Remote joint collaboration loans

To provide loans between

money entrepreneurship — intangible assets loans

Based on the relevant provisions of

– credit guarantee loan business to raise money

now the credit guarantee institutions for SMEs in the country can be found. When the enterprise can not provide the bank can accept the security measures, such as mortgage, pledge or third party credit guarantee, Guarantee corporation can solve these problems. Because compared with the banks, Guarantee Corporation requirements for collateral more flexible.

discount business: raise money

discount refers to the demand for funds, their hands are not due to commercial bills, bank acceptance bills or short term bonds to the bank or discount company into cash, bank or discount company (Finance Companies) in these outstanding bills or short term bonds, the amount less the discount date to the maturity date of interest after paying cash, notes due to payment to the drawer.

The most affordable

discount is not in accordance with the bank lending to the enterprise asset scale, but based on market conditions (sales contract) to loan.

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