Tianjin to create a comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration platform to stimulat

local governments are now actively and vigorously the introduction of talent, in some of the more suitable for people, build a business platform, recently, in Tianjin to build a platform for such activities are also carried out like a raging fire in.

"one center" Xuefu hi tech Fair Exhibition center. Around the innovation demonstration area of new materials and a new generation of information technology, the two leading industries, the establishment of information security technology, electronics manufacturing, wisdom, experience, new materials + + nine plate to the patent technology and the "killer" products show gathering, commissioned research, intermediary transactions in one of the public service platform. After the introduction of the relevant responsible persons, everything here is impressive, the reporter thought appearred "Gao Xinjian, tall" six words.

"two Institute of Tianjin University of Technology Jingwu Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Tianjin University of Technology industrial technology research institute. The Institute to take the form of school building, relying on scientific research resources in University, was assigned to the project provides research and development center, combined with laboratory testing and other hardware facilities, cultivation and transformation to carry out a comprehensive scientific research related to electronic information, new materials and precision machining manufacturing etc.. At the Tianjin University of Technology Jingwu Industry Research Institute, the reporter saw the staff is settled and matters from the Tianjin University of Technology research team to negotiate, the research team look forward to their own research achievements from here to the market as soon as possible

"three multi-creation space" is the Xiqing youth entrepreneurship base, Tianjin stars, Tianjin University of Technology students entrepreneurial base business incubator college students, and college students interested in entrepreneurship, smug. A public space is provided with a comprehensive service hall, public meeting room, meeting room, business center, business exhibition hall and other functional areas and 50 independent business incubator unit, to provide free office space rental fee, free property charges, free water, free electricity, free network "five free" policy for the start-up team, and to provide for the registration and tax registration, apply for subsidies, labor relations and other services.

"four services" including strategic think-tank mature authoritative – in cooperation with the Taiwan Hsinchu science and technology group, Taiwan global think tank replication management mode, through project cooperation, short-term employment, flexible employment technical consultant mode for government decision-making, park development and accelerate the scientific research project recommended