Business can not do business vicious vicious competition

in order to attract customers, some shops have love in the price, the price low to not only to make money, still inside money, this business is how long? Low price competition, for our retail households is a more vexing problem. I’ve met that too.

just two months ago, a "friend" in my shop next to my yingzi place less than 500 meters and opened a small supermarket. Calves are not afraid of tigers". Yingzi will fancy, the entry of the business, most of the goods are sold according to the purchase price. Such a get, her shop to a "good start", but to the surrounding colleagues a blow. My store business is also a lot of deserted.

I think, just one thirty while business is not good, as long as the patient, good business is yet to come. But that one yingzi I had the old customers to pull all over.

one day, one called the old customers who spent only 45 yuan from the yingzi store bought a box of "dragon" (CHARM), and this kind of cigarette retail price is 50 yuan / box. Then, he came to my shop, said: "small five cubs, the profits of this cigarette is also quite good, you sell 50 yuan a box, the new store to sell $45 can earn, you can kill people!"

I heard this, immediately put down the hands of the cloth, patiently explained to him: "I was in strict accordance with the retail price to sell. That store is cheap because the store has just opened, selling 45 yuan / box does not make money, it will earn a popular bar. Open the door every day, rent, tax, electricity, wages of employees have to pay, if the long-term so engage in low price sales, who will pay for these costs? Even if the money is strong, who can not stand the rest who ah!"

not what I expected, yingzi’s business a month can earn enough money to pay the rent. But money is earned a lot of tourists have been crying, yingzi feel stable, in second months to recover the commodity market price. She never thought that the price of a recovery, business has plummeted, immediately into the state keep going by painstaking effort. Yingzi face has not seen the smile of the past, but more than a layer of clouds.

one night, yingzi came to my shop door, chatting in the sigh: "now it’s hard to do business, even earn rents are not. What do you do?"

is now difficult to do business, but the most important thing is not to engage in vicious low price competition. Customer psychology is often cheaper and cheaper. If you sell at a low price, not only can not earn their own money, peer shops will also be implicated, the end of the loss is our business ah!" Listen to my analysis, yingzi nodded.

after that, we discussed a few shops nearby, we all