How to improve customer turnover rate of open shop

many friends started entrepreneurship in his resignation, but the observatory, a lot of people in the shop are in a join. Novice sellers how to improve customer turnover and turnover rate? This experience sharing will suit you.

shop beginning not the customer, that urgent customer needs to knock psychology, sellers should have deep psychological experience, and finally to a customer, we are excited, not so what customers say, we also introduce preferential goods, how good is the best way to stay, think. Really too much enthusiasm, More haste, less speed., however, this will scare them.

The following is the main

"courtesy first", is a pioneer in making friends, there is an old saying: if you want to get the respect of others, respect others first. Communicate with the buyer to the buyer to make a good impression, so that buyers are willing to communicate with you, so you must be modest and polite performance, enthusiasm, build a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. For example: A: you can add some lively Wangwang expressions, your customers and hearts closer, you feel you have feelings, not cold and computer dialogue. B: don’t you know the customer waiting too long time, even if you go to Restroom or other short time, also should set automatic reply back immediately, please wait a moment like politeness.


care, empathy