How to open a cooked food store to be able to make money

went to the hot summer, to eat all season, this time a lot of people will choose to buy food, can be an appetizer dish is more popular, and now everyone’s living conditions are good, also have the ability for food consumption in this area, therefore, a food franchise is very good market, about a food store how much money, this is for investors to provide some reference for


shop investment costs, first of all this is not a fixed amount of your investment, and your business scale can not be separated from the relationship. In general, a business Lucai shop takes place is to store rent, renovation money, some equipment such as refrigerator and the like, and then is the supply of money, in addition to these basically no other expenses.

in the decoration, decoration does not need how beautiful, food business belongs to a small business, just need to do the decoration can be smooth and clean. The best partition using a transparent material in the processing stage and the lobby of the place, this can let consumers see a direct processing background, consumers will be satisfied with natural looking clean and health. But for some temporary no funds to rent a shop, choose small stalls selling is also a very good way.

how much does it cost to open a deli? I believe after watching a small series of introduce is relatively clear, Xiaobian said here is not very accurate, provide a reference for everyone, the total investment is generally cooked food stores in about 5-10 million, mainly including home union fees, fees, fees and other decoration shop store equipment, liquidity and other aspects. Well, it’s about 50%.

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